Its that simple
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Are you planning to introduce your brand to the market? Use products like catalogue, flyer or a promotional stand!

Use our experience in creation and production of marketing materials. Providing full support and flexibility we can offer various printouts (flyers, catalogues, labels, POS’s, posters, binders, folders). We are not limited to paper, but we use other available materials such as cardboard and plastic. Our goal is to offer perfect quality.

Do you want to make your brand be visible by using a calendar?

We can produce personalized configuration for calendars and notebooks. Our offer also includes pyramid, wall, office, desk calendars and much more. You can personalize your project and materials that will be used for production.

Do you need your product to STAND OUT from the rest?

Use our knowledge and allow us to desing and produce your products packaging. We have experience in printing on cardboard, carton and solid board. Our products are characterized by great precision and quality. We can help to optimize how the final product is being packed. To produce packaging we use flexopraphic or offset technology.

Exhibition systems
Fairs, events or conference? What do you need to show Your company?

We offer system solutions. The most popular are the mobile ones, fabric stretched frames, advertising walls, roll-ups and people stoppers. We design individual projects for trade booths, production and installation in the indicated place.

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Quality is a must!

We continuously look for innovative technological solutions. Thanks to our experienced production specialists we are able to achieve very high quality of printed products. We provide full support during each stage of the process. Our machines print up to B0 format. For lower amounts we use digital printing technology. Wide range of materials we can print on gives us almost unlimited possibilities. With us You can print on paper, cardboard, film, plastic, glass, wood and much more.

Make your product prestigious.

We can enrich printed products (hot samping, embossing/debossing, varnish, lamination) and change its shape with laser or die cutting. We can pack and assemble your products exactly how you want it.
We offer full design service, we advise on how to get the best possible result. See more
Verification of  the production files
We will help you to prepare the files for printing.

We check every provided file very carefully. We advise on how to modify your project or the file in order to get the best possible result within selected technology.

Graphic design
Complex projects are not a problem for us.

In case you do not have your own file, we can help you design one from scratch. Our graphic department consists of experienced graphic designers using the latest software and what is more, we are experienced in working for the biggest brands on the market.

Having doubts concerning the quality? Check the prototype yourself!

We can produce prototypes of your projects – you can test its functionality by yourself.

File storage
Unlimited access to your files.

If you print high volumes we can store your files. You can have unlimited access to the files. You can order requently printed products by loggin in to personalised online shop.
Good relations
We have been cooperating with renowned european brands for many years.