We have started our activity 13 years ago with basic typography for one client and our offer soon attracted more customers. With time and growing experience the proftolio of our clients included more and more of new industry branches.

In Portress we specialize in printing services graphic design. We cooperate with technical, food, medical and farmaceutical industry companies on a daily basis. Furthermore, we design and print for marketing and production departments. We take a great care to make our company a place where modern technologies, reliable suppliers and clever ideas meet together.

Our motto says „It’s that simple”. We do not avoid challenges and complex projects. If you think that your idea is unconvential it is a high time you contact us. Why? Becaue we are masters in connecting our customers needs with requirements of the market and technological solutions to reach the best possible outcome.

Solving problems is the road to success > Success is based on dialog > Dialog builds trust > Trust make you feel secure